From historic apple orchards to school children experiencing self-reliance and self-worth in a family farm environment, GeerCrest Farm has shared bounty, history and family farming with Oregon and Oregon families for almost 170 years.

What makes GeerCrest unique is that GeerCrest Farm is that it's not a static museum. It is a farming lab where sustainable farming best practices meet the 21st century- and 21st century realities. 

Your donation provides us to maintain our homestead classroom-providing feed and care for livestock, fencing, and necessary site and safety  maintenance.   As a National Historic Site your donation also helps maintain the historic buildings and trees and provide salaries for our hardworking farmers and educators. 

Want to donate to something specific?  Check out our wishlist for specific items needed in the home, around the farm and in the office.

Thank you for supporting GeerCrest Farm & Historical Society!