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GeerCrest Farm has 6 pregnant does. This means, we are expecting 6 - 12 kids!!  This will begin happening around March 1st.

Our "Name a Goat" campaign starts today & it will continue until the March 15, 2018.

This is YOUR OPPORTUNITY to name a goat here at GeerCrest Farm!

Here's how it works:                       

For every $25 donated, you may "throw your name in the hat" & offer ONE chosen name for  our newest kids. When you donate that $25, it entitles you & your immediate family to come to the farm, meet the little ones & join us in a goat "birthday party".

~~There is no limit to the amount of names you can offer. $25 per name.~~


Each year, we name the goats with the next letter in the alphabet. This helps us keep track of their age. The letter for this year is "I".                                                   


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~All names submitted MUST BEGIN WITH THE LETTER "I". $25 donation per name.~

Please enter goat names here.
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Goat Names:

Iolani, Iroquois, Ivan, Iris,                Isilly (ee-silly), Icarus, Ida-marie,

We will keep a list of names submitted on this page on our website.  The farm will choose the winning names as the babies arrive.  Everyone will be notified when it's time for the  birthday party.

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