Commitment: 1-2x a week, for a few hours

Age: 14+, children and families welcome! 

Perks: share fresh meals with farm family, baby goat snuggle time, find respite on the land

Becoming a volunteer at GeerCrest means becoming part of our extended farm family.  When you put energy into GeerCrest Farm you are building upon the work of generations.  Even if you are volunteering in one area you will be serving the whole and have the opportunity to participate in the interconnected homestead experience.  Although, a regular commitment is preferred due to the training involved, we are willing to be flexible and work with varied schedules if you feel a calling to serve. 

Ready to Volunteer?  Fill out the Volunteer Interest Form and we will get back to you shortly!

Land Steward Volunteers

Stewarding the the historic land and living systems takes many hands.  Learn about local history, ecology, heritage plants and much more with our knowledgeable farm team.  

  • mow grass
  • blackberry removal
  • fencing projects
  • tend to heritage tree orchard

Homemaker Volunteers

An amazing opportunity to experience homemaking in a historic farm house.  The art of nurturing the farm family is essential to the vitality of the whole farm system.  

  • organize and refresh public spaces
  • maintenance of home systems and appliances
  • assist with meal prep and baking
  • set up guest rooms
  • gardening
  • house beautification

Office Volunteers

Programs, staff development, and historic preservation would not be able to continue if it weren't for the support of our community.  Office volunteers help support the operations by keeping records, data, and finances clear and organized. 

  • data entry
  • quickbooks entry
  • write thank you letters
  • assist with mailings
  • event planning


Ready to Volunteer?  Fill out the Volunteer Interest Form and we will get back to you shortly!