GeerCrest Farm is a unique educational nonprofit and living history site!

We offer programs for all ages (predominantly elementary and middle school students) rooted in connecting visitors to the land, history, food, traditional craft, and each other on the amazing 20 acre property called GeerCrest. As with most nonprofits, our funding comes from program fees, grants, and generous donations from regional or national community members like you who believe in the essential nature of our work. Please consider becoming a monthly contributor today! Even small monthly contributions make a big difference!

GeerCrest Farm & Historical Society is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization

All donations are tax deductible

Thank you so much for your gift, making our site and programs accessible to present and future generations!!

I loved the way I really felt accepted into the farm family and was able to contribute and really help out. I learned skills that will help me in the future
— Kate, student
  $15 a month -  Monthly giving sustains us through seasonal changes
  $35 -  Provides one day of food and care for goats and sheep
  $60 -  Provides one day of food and care for all livestock
  $150  - Maintains the National Historic Site
  $500  - Retains our hardworking farmers and educators
  $275 -  Operates the Homestead Classroom for one day

$1000 and above:

  • GeerCrest Farm Sponsorship level

-  The Farm Wishlist -

“In-kind” Donations are also greatly appreciated, and are also tax deductible.  If you or someone you know may be able to help please e-mail us at  Thank you for your support!

Cured Firewood- Its always a push to cut and cure enough firewood to stay warm most winters. Donated cured firewood, or purchasing of cured firewood would be greatly appreciated (wood at any stage, if it will make good firewood, is warmly accepted)

Organic Coffee (for school groups and visitors) or good quality equipment for hosting large groups

A bunk bed

Vitamix blender

Good quality tools (all sizes of gloves, splitting axes, shovels, rakes, pitchforks, etc.)

Fencing & Building materials

Large, front - load clothes dryer

Folding chairs or tables 

Gift cards:


If you or someone you know are able to donate any of these items please call or e-mail us at  

GeerCrest receives donations when you shop amazonsmile. Our page:

There is a palpable sense of purpose in the work that has to be love which is the greatest life lesson I could ever hope for my children to receive. When you love your life and you know who you are-effort, though challenging ceases to be drudgery work.

You are creating magic at GeerCrest and fulfilling a need we didn’t even know we had! I am so honored to join your family and be part of so beautiful a gift to humanity.
— Sarah, parent